Washington State Military & Defense Contracts

Economic Modeling Data Tool

Economic Forecasting Tool

The Washington Military & Defense Supply Chain Modeling Tool is the culmination of the Assessment and Forecasting work of the Defense Industry Adjustment Program. This tool is designed to facilitate better informed forecasts forĀ local economic development organizations. It also serves to provide an overview of the defense industry in Washington, creating opportunities for private industry and the public sector alike.

The total economic impact of defense contracts in Washington include

  1. Direct Impacts
  2. Indirect Impacts
  3. Induced Impacts

This tool does not include DOD active duty or civilian personnel. The impacts modeled areĀ solely defense contracts.


Economic Impact Scenarios

The site allows for custom impact scenarios that model changes in economic outcomes resulting from increases or decreases in defense contract spending. Potential effects can be seen down to the county or industry level. The tool pulls data primarily from award and assistance contract data from USASpending.gov.

Customized Criteria

Site users can create customized impact scenarios by adjusting spending specific to industries, defense programs, and military bases statewide. Individual contracts can also be selected for inclusion or exclusion, giving the user ultimate control over their scenario.

Helping Decision Makers

This modeling tool will help Washington’s policymakers, economic developers and businesses evaluate and better prepare for fluctuations in defense spending before those fluctuations occur. As an industry that generates billions of dollars statewide, understanding the economic impact of defense spending across local, state and national supply chains will help governments and private sector leaders make better informed decisions.

This tool was developed by Community Attributes Inc. in partnership with TIP Strategies, the Washington Department of Commerce and the Washington Military Alliance.
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This report was prepared under contract with the State of Washington, with financial support from the Office of Economic Adjustment, U.S. Department of Defense. The content reflects the views of the State of Washington and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Economic Adjustment or the U.S. Department of Defense.