Understanding the Playing Field

Defense Industry Adjustment Program


The assessment will identify the scope and nature of military and defense related economic activities in Washington State that are related to contract awards. It will also assess the dependency of the region on military and defense spending.

It will employ a nationally recognized economic impact supply chain model to quantify the vulnerability of the military and defense activities and provide a forecast specific to the region for the next 3-5 years.

It will also populate a data bank and provide analytical modeling capacity to facilitate continuing economic impact analyses relative to changing federal budgets. This will serve as a guide for market and workforce diversification strategies to be put in place.

Washington Defense Supply Chain Modeling Tool

Community Attributes, Inc. Community Attributes Inc. will be clearly analyzing military and defense sector data and building a forecasting and modeling tool. As a result, the state will be able to conduct regular tests of policy and the changing DOD financial climate.

TIP Strategies

TIP Strategies will be conducting data validation in assessment and forecasting.