Future Missions

An important aspect of what makes Washington attractive to the military is our public infrastructure that helps ensure the military is able to carry out its missions, including deep water ports, strategically located airports, and an integrated road and rail system that allows the Pacific Northwest and Washington in particular to serve as a power projection platform to the Pacific.

Working to ensure that defense communities and the public infrastructure that enables the military to meet its mission needs must be a high priority and requires a broad strategic perspective that must take into account the needs of the military, defense, public, private and social sectors.

Arctic Security

Once a remote outpost for adventurers and explorers, the Arctic region is becoming increasingly important as a gateway for trade, natural resource extraction and national security. Washington State is the perfect match for the Department of Defense’s 2013 Arctic Strategy, which outlined the nation’s goal of creating “a secure and stable region where U.S. national interests are safeguarded, the U.S. homeland is protected and nations work cooperatively to address challenges.” more

Cyber Security

In today’s connected world, cyber threats can have real, lasting and often devastating consequences, not only compromising our national security, but damaging our economy as well. Cyber intrusions and attacks have increased dramatically in recent years as adversaries become more sophisticated in the use of the world’s critical network of computers, communications and infrastructure. more

Defense Health

The unique ecosystem of Washington State combines some of the greatest minds in medicine and research with new ideas emerging from our robust information and communication technology sector, resulting in exciting breakthroughs that blur the lines between medicine and technology. more

Renewable Energy

Washington State can fill an important role in the military’s use of alternative, renewable and clean energy sources, whether they are used to heat or light bases worldwide or fuel aircraft, ships and vehicles as they carry out their global missions. The state has already demonstrated its commitment to alternative and renewable energy, and is ahead of the curve compared to other states as well as the federal government. more


Unmanned Systems and Space

Washington’s critical mass of aerospace firms, advanced materials companies and information and communication technology businesses has created an ecosystem where new ideas are readily shared across industries, creating new technologies and concepts in the areas of aviation, space and UAS. more