SMFL- Summit Day 1

Day 1: Strategic Overview

For Senior Leaders and Executives

National and State transition initiatives, provide forum to share information, gain senior leader support for transition both on and off the installation.

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SMFL- Summit Day 2

Day 2: Industry Sector Workshops

For Job Seekers

Prepare, Educate and Link participants to resources to be successful in the different industry sectors whether their goal is employment, education, technical training or small business.

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SMFL- Summit Day 3

Day 3: Service Member For Life Fairs

For Job Seekers

Connect participants with employers, schools, the trades and small business resources with the ultimate goal of employment, enrollment in educational programs and the successful start of a small business.

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Join Us!

Join us at the Washington State Service Member for Life Transition Summit at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This three-day summit brings together key Federal & State agencies, influential military leaders, innovators in the business and employer community, and local community leaders with transitioning service members, veterans, and their families.